How much should I charge for a WordPress site?

As a freelancer, while taking a WordPress project, I often wonder how much should I charge for this WordPress website. You might have asked the same question yourself as well.

As an individual freelancer for a small 5-page WordPress website, you should charge anywhere between $500 – $2000 depending on your expertise. Having said that there is no one size fits all price, you’ll find some freelancers charging way less and some charging way more. The bigger the website bigger the price variation.

What to consider while deciding the price?

The first thing you need to consider is the type of website the client needs.

For example, will it be a simple website with a blog or an LMS (learning management system) website or an e-commerce website or a real estate website with custom post types etc.

You can’t charge the same price for all types of websites.

Then you need to consider the functionality the website will have because even within the same type of website there can be different types of functionalities that may require custom development or paid plugins etc.

These are the primary things to consider while you decide how much you should charge for the website.

Apart from that you also need to consider your level of expertise and how much your client values your services.

An expert can charge more than a beginner for the same project.

You can check the table below to get an idea.

WebsiteBeginner (Less than 3 years)Expert (3 years +)
Single page website$300 – $700$500 – $1500
5-7 Page website$500 – $1200$750 – $2000
E-commerce (standard)$600 – $1500$1200 – $3500

The pricing given here is based on my personal experience as a freelance WordPress consultant.

Can I charge the same price everywhere?

Looking at the table you might be thinking, hmm can I charge this type of pricing all over the world?

The simple answer is NO!

This is very much dependent on the client’s budget.

I’ll share my personal experience on this, I was contacted by a person from Japan for an e-commerce website that will be done with woocommerce with more than 200 products to be listed on the store.

Generally for this type of project, I would’ve charged $2000 but his budget was only $600.

So you can’t have a fixed rate for everyone, for example, if you charge $500 for a simple website for a client in USA you can’t expect to get the same price from an Indian client.

You have to be flexible with your pricing considering the client as well, especially if you’re serving people all over the world.

Instead of having a single standard price for everyone you could have different standard rates for different regions. For example, you could have a standard price for clients from developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc., and another rate for Indian clients.

In doing so you’ll definitely miss out on some low-budget clients but will attract better-paying clients.


As you can see you simply can’t have one size fits all price, you have to consider multiple factors before deciding on a website cost.

But now I hope you have a better understanding of how you should go about calculating how much you should charge for a WordPress website as a freelancer.

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