11 Must have online courses for freelancers

When you’re in a job you basically focus on only certain aspects of the entire business but in freelancing, you have to know and maintain every aspect of your business.

You have to treat freelancing as a business to grow, so you need to know a lot more than just your core freelancing skills.

In this post, I’ll share some of the best online courses for freelancers to be successful in freelancing. These courses will teach you all the skills you need to run your freelancing business.

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Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

seth godins freelancer course

Seth Godin is a renowned author and if you plan to start a freelancing career his course can be a perfect guide for you. The course covers all the aspects one needs to know to grow as a freelancer irrespective of your field.

In this course, you’ll learn about building assets, client management, storytelling, pricing your services and much more.

Basically, it will teach you how to turn your individual freelancing into a brand.

The Freelance Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing

the freelance masterclass the ultimate guide to freelancing

If you are in the creative field like graphic design, photography, web design, illustration etc. this course could be perfect for you.

In this course, you’ll learn everything about how to build your freelancing business starting from setting your goal, services to offer, finding the right market, how to build personal branding, portfolio building, finding clients online and offline, how to use ads to find clients, how to price your services and more.

LinkedIn Freelancing: Your Guide to Finding Clients through LinkedIn

linkedin freelancing your guide to finding clients through linkedin

Finding regular clients and work is one of the biggest challenges of freelancing, you need to use various channels to keep adding new clients.

This course by Christopher Dodd a freelance web developer will teach you how to use LinkedIn to find clients.

Linkedin is the biggest social network platform for professionals and can be a great place to find freelance, part-time or even full-time jobs.

So if you’re interested in learning how to leverage your LinkedIn profile to get new clients this course can be a good starting point.

The Freelancing Guide: Managing your Finances

the freelancing guide managing your finances

When you work as a freelancer you have to maintain your finances as well. But as a freelancer maintaining finances can seem a bit daunting.

So this course will teach you how to manage the financial aspect of your freelancing business in a very short amount of time.

The Freelancing Guide: How to Organize Your Work and Life

the freelancing guide how to organize your work and life

In freelancing, you are your boss no one will tell you how much to work and when should you work.

While it’s great freedom to have but this can cause a problem as well because at times freelancers work so much that it creates a work-life imbalance.

This course can be a good guide on how to maintain a good work-life balance as a freelancer by properly scheduling work, working around a family and other commitments etc.

The Beginner’s Guide to Systematic Freelancing

the beginners guide to systematic freelancing

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, especially in web development then this course can be a good option.

The course instructor John Morris is a full-time freelance web developer himself with 17 years of experience.

This 3+ hours course covers everything you need to start your freelancing journey right from picking a niche to finding high-paying clients and managing projects.

What Services Should You Offer?

what services should you offer

If you’re planning to start freelancing but are not sure what services you should offer then this course can help you.

This course will help you in finding what services you should offer, how to determine if a niche is profitable or not, who is your ideal client, how to package your services and what should you charge.

So to get a clear idea of what you can offer as a freelance service do check this course.

Premium Pricing For Freelancers

premium pricing for freelancers

Pricing is one of the most sensitive topics in freelancing, freelancers often fail to price their services properly and they remain underpaid.

It’s all about the mindset and this course can help you in that process.

It will teach you how to pick a premium category, create result-oriented services, turn your service into premium and much more.

So if you want to charge premium prices or at least what you are worth then do check this course.

Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer

pricing your work how to value your work as a freelancer

Pricing is such an important and difficult aspect of freelancing I’m listing another course on this very topic so you can have a different point of view as well.

If you’re a beginner and can’t figure out how much you should charge for your services then this course will be helpful.

In this course, you’ll learn how to set a competitive price based on various things like your expenses, clients etc.

Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy

copywriting for beginners how to write web copy that sells without being cheesy

Irrespective of your niche if you are an online freelancer you need to have some copywriting skills.

Because you have to write proposals to your clients, even blog posts or articles to persuade clients to work with you.

This 1-hour course will give you all the fundamental knowledge of copywriting. If you’re in copywriting then this will be very helpful for you.

Freelancing Fundamentals: How to Build a Successful Freelance Business

freelancing fundamentals how to build a successful freelance business

This is another course around the fundamentals of freelancing.

This course will show you how to find clients from various platforms, how to write proposals and contracts, and maintain various business aspects like onboarding clients, invoicing, finances etc.

You’ll also learn to diversify your income beyond freelancing.

So if you want to learn every aspect of a freelancing business in one course then you should check out this course.


As you can see to run a freelancing business you need various skills. While you can develop these skills over time with your experience for free but you’ll make a lot of mistakes in that course.

These courses can help you reduce that time period and the number of mistakes because the course creators are sharing their experiences and you can learn from that.

You can find similar content for free but paid courses are often better structured to save you time and eventually money.

Disclosure: Some of the links here are referral/affiliate links which means if you decide to buy through those links I’ll earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This is how I keep Designtheway.com up and running.

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