13 Top places to find freelance WordPress projects

Are you looking to find freelance WordPress projects?

Then you’re at the right place.

As a freelancer myself I know finding regular clients or work is the most challenging thing about being a freelancer. So to make things easy for you I’ve listed some of the best places to find WordPress freelance projects.

I’ve listed them in the order of what has worked for me rather than on any reputation.

So let’s dive in………

1. WordPress Jobs Board

wordpress jobs board

In my personal experience, the WordPress jobs board can be one of the best places to find freelance WordPress projects as well as full-time or part-time jobs.

Here you’ll find various WordPress related works like

  • Development
  • Design
  • Theme customization
  • Support
  • Writing
  • and more…

One thing to note you’ll get a very limited number of job postings every week so you need to keep checking the site frequently to find new opportunities.

Since the site is dedicated to WordPress only apart from normal clients some of the biggest brands in the WordPress space like Automatic, Wpmu dev, Brainstorm force etc. post job opportunities here.

So the number of job posts can be low but certainly not the quality.

It’s a simple job board so there are no fees, you have to contact the clients directly through their mentioned contact channels like email, website, contact form etc.

The advantage I find of these types of websites over freelancing sites is that you can write a very good proposal without any restrictions and secondly since you can’t see how many people have already applied there is no physiological pressure of applying too late.

2. Personal Blog

personal blog

This may not be an active form of finding freelance projects but can be one of the best ways to get new clients.

There is a say in the industry that you must have a portfolio but I feel having a blog where you share your experience is more effective.

Because your portfolio can only show the end result it doesn’t always reflect your true expertise.

You can share your experience with your blog and teach people how to do XYZ in WordPress it shows your expertise and when people find your blog through a search that helps them solve their problem, you instantly stand apart from your competition.

This is called content marketing, it takes time but it can be one the best and long-term sources to get new clients.

One of the biggest advantages of clients contacting you instead of you contacting them is that you can dictate the price as an expert.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a portfolio it’s your website you can always add them as an additional reference.

Because to check your portfolio someone has to visit your website and your blog posts can be the way to bring visitors there.

3. Youtube Channel

youtube channel

You can take this process one step further by making a Youtube channel.

This can work similarly to your blog and at times even better because people love watching videos and they can understand things easily.

I know many have communication barriers when it comes to making Youtube videos but to succeed in freelancing you must have good communication skills, good written communication skill is a must and verbal would give you an added advantage.

Because bigger clients often ask for video interviews to check your communication skills.

So making youtube videos can serve you in two ways one it will improve your verbal communication skills and secondly establish your expertise.

I often get contacted by clients through my Youtube channel.

I’ve had a real estate client who wanted me to create exclusive tutorial videos explaining how to do certain things on his website for his staffs for additional charges.

So it can add additional revenue as well, even if not you can offer custom how-to video tutorials to your clients exclusively for their websites for free. This simple step will put you above your competition.

So whichever way you see it making a Youtube channel will only benefit you. But you have to have patience similar to blogs it will take some time so you must start early.

4. Facebook Groups

facebook group

WordPress related Facebook groups can be a good place to find clients. Again it’s not a place where you can directly find jobs or clients you have to play by the rule and be patient.

There are several WordPress related Facebook groups with thousands of members where people post their problems every day and often directly look for freelancers as well.

You can look for those opportunities and you can create opportunities too by helping others in the group.

Just don’t go and promote your services directly if you do so most likely you’ll be blocked from the group instead try to help as many people as you can by answering their questions.

This way your credibility will increase within the group and while answering questions you can refer to your related blog posts or Youtube videos.

Notice how the previous steps are all coming together.

And once you establish your credibility people will start to connect you via Facebook or your website for projects.

This is the exact process I’ve followed to get multiple clients from Facebook groups.

Here are some WordPress related Facebook groups that you can join-

Here are some Elementor-related groups

You’ll find many freelance-related Facebook groups you can join them too but personally, I haven’t found them very helpful as most members post their freelance offers only.

A similar method can be applied on Linkedin as well but since I haven’t tried much personally I’m not listing it here, just keep in mind that can be an option too.

5. Codeable


If you’re a top-notch (I really mean it) WordPress developer and looking for a pure WordPress-specific marketplace then Codeable would be the perfect fit for you.

They offer one of the best rates in the industry $70 – $120 per hour, but their selection process is extremely difficult as they only accept a tiny percentage of the total applicants.

Just to apply to the platform you need to have minimum 3 years of experience in WordPress then you have to go through several rounds of assignments, code tests, interviews and more to get to the final stage then you’ll get 45 days trial. Only after successfully completing the trial period you can become a Codeable expert.

If you can get-in the rewards can be great there are several developers who are on the platform for 5+ years and easily earning a full-time income.

Codeable works completely differently from any other freelancing platform as they only allow a maximum of 5 estimates (not bids) per project and show the average estimate to the client to avoid low estimates.

Codeable also charges 10% fees from the applicant.

6. Toptal


Toptal is another top freelancing platform, some of the biggest brands in the world hire freelancers from Toptal.

Similar to Codeable their vetting process is extremely difficult and according to the website they only hire the top 3% of the freelancers, so to get-in you have to be extremely good at your skill.

Unlike Codeable Toptal is not a dedicated WordPress marketplace but it does have a separate section for WordPress development.

If you can become a freelancer at Toptal you can get to work with some top-class brands in the world.

7. WPhired


WPhired is one of the oldest WordPress job boards to find WordPress related projects. You can find various remote WordPress jobs like full-time, part-time, freelancing, internship, and temporary jobs as well.

You can apply for the jobs for free and posting jobs is also free but one can pay to get better exposure.

One thing to note here job listings are not updated frequently and you’ll find some old listings as well.

So finding regular projects here can be a little challenging.

8. We Work Remotely


When it comes to remote work We work remotely is one of the biggest websites right now. You can find various types of remote jobs here including WordPress.

Most jobs listed here are remote jobs but you can find some freelance opportunities as well.

Unlike some other platforms mentioned above, We work remotely charges a minimum of $299 for posting a job, so you can be sure only serious people are posting jobs.

While there are no fees to apply for a job, you can get to work with some big brands as well as with startups.

The job listings get updated regularly so you must check the site frequently or you can subscribe to their RSS feed as well.

9. Workingnomads


Workingnomads is another place you can look to find remote WordPress jobs. While most jobs listed here are full-time but you can find some part-time and contract jobs as well.

It’s a general job board with a wide range of job postings but you can easily search for WordPress related jobs.

All the jobs listed here clearly mention what type of job it is so you can easily sort them out.

10. Post Status Job Board


Post status job board is another option you can check. Although the jobs posted here are mostly full-time or part-time but the job quality is very high.

Most jobs are remote but can have some location limitations as well. You’ll find a very limited number of jobs with less frequent new jobs.

So this may not be the ideal site for most but if it matches your requirement you can get good jobs in the WordPress space.

11. Ziprecruiter


Ziprecruiter is one of the most reputable job sites in the world. You can find WordPress related jobs here as well be it full-time or remote.

You can easily search for jobs on this site based on location, distance and job type as well.

Since its a general job board, you have to search for WordPress jobs and to apply for certain jobs you have to sign up.

It’s such a massive job board you’ll get new job opportunities frequently.

12. Hubstaff Talent

hubstaff talent

Hubstaff talent is a free platform where you can search for WordPress jobs. Since Hubstaff is such a huge brand companies from all over the world post jobs here.

Most of the jobs are remote with full-time, contract or fixed price base. You can easily search for jobs and filter them with job types.

Since both posting jobs and applying are free, what I’ve noticed is that the quality of jobs is not that great compared to the sites I’ve mentioned above, especially in terms of the payment rates.

As a freelancer, you have to create an account here and upload your CV to be able to apply for jobs.

If you’re a beginner Hubstaff talent can be a good option for you.

13. Solidgigs


Solidgigs is a little different type of platform compared to others mentioned here. It’s a lead generation website for WordPress freelancers.

It’s on a paid subscription model with a $21 – $35 per month price but there is a free 7 days trial as well.

Once you tell them what type of job you are looking for they will find the best freelancing opportunities for you from all over the web then you can apply and directly contact with the clients.

Unlike other freelancing platforms, Solidgigs won’t charge anything from you for the project but you have to manage everything like invoicing, payment etc.

While the service sounds very promising I haven’t tried them yet, I will give it a try with their free trial to test the service.

Based on my experience I’ll update the post.


So these are some of the best places to find freelance WordPress projects. As you must have noticed that I’ve stressed more on building your own platform for getting clients or projects through content marketing.

While it takes time to work you should start working on this as soon as possible and during that period you can try other platforms mentioned here to get clients.

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